Must our Country fight World War III here?


 The crux of the current situation in America is theological, not political.  Realize that it is not that “Marxists have taken control of America while most slept,” but as Abraham Lincoln confessed, “We have forgotten God.”

“They forgot God their Savior” (Psalm 106:21).  “These things you have done, and I kept silent…. Now consider this, you who forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver” (Psalm 50:21, 22).

As a result, God has responded, as he has repeatedly threatened to do in his Bible.  God has sent, as punishments, poor government along with bad weather, droughts, floods, and diseases.  Until American citizens would repent of their sins and would treasure the gospel of salvation which God has pledged to them, stop their sordid backsliding, and return to being a Christian nation once again as in their former golden age of Christianity, when God did bless them, these punishments will continue, will grow, and will get worse.  Though thousands of bumper stickers may cry out, “God bless America!” how could he when hundreds of millions of Americans reject with a vengeance what is required of them to bring down Heaven’s blessing, namely, to repent and to believe his gospel salvation?

America has turned its back on the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ which God has promised to all sinners everywhere.  Thus, the political and economic problems of this country are merely symptoms, in a sense, of a worse problem.  If you would take an aspirin for these symptoms, it will not address nor clear up the main problem.  These symptoms would only return.  The main problem is unbelief.  America must return to God through repentance and faith.  These are God’s timeless criteria.  Nothing less will do.

In October, 1946, a little over a year after the end of World War II, on a coast-to-coast radio broadcast, the speaker posed the sensational question:  “Must we fight World War III?”  This radio preacher answered, “Yes, if America would continue in unbelief;” “no, if we would show repentance and faith.”

Look all around you!  Read and listen to what is said!  America has forgotten its God.  Even such a humiliating punishment as 9/11/2001 did not provoke a nationwide repentance and return to God.  This is why you could and should be certain that a great war is coming upon this country.  It is certain, because God certainly keeps his threats.  Since America has not responded by repenting and believing after lesser afflictions have been sent it in the forms of oppressive government, economic oppression, ideological, deceptive religious, and social oppressions, the almighty God, ruler and disposer of nations and men, will come to an end of his patience, and finally, according to his biblical practice and threats, will drop war on this land like one huge rock.

Must our country fight World War III here?

The answer will be “Yes.”

Since the cause of this great war on American soil will be over the wholesale falling away of America into unbelief, it will not be a case in which God will be on the side of any political white hats in America against any political black hats in America.  All of us are going to be on the receiving end of his punishment, including those who have been repenting and believing all along.  Just the same, in their case, whatever God would allow to happen to them will be for their spiritual strengthening and soul benefit, as he has promised repeatedly and assuredly in his unbreakable Bible.  In fact, if God would use this war as an opportunity to take a believer home to heaven, what loss could that be?

Why have not the major denominations taught this?  Why have not at least the Lutheran pulpits spoken?  If, in fact, they confess the full truth of God’s Word, namely, that they have better knowledge, why are they not out in the forefront?  It is because it is a subject which they would consider to be unthinkable.  “Show me!” they would counter in spirit.  “After we would see this World War III, then we will begin to warn our people about it.”

Currently, the thinking of the men in the church or outside it is just as it was in the days of the Old Testament prophets who were sent specifically to warn both kingdoms of the twelve tribes of Israel that each of them would be annihilated by a great war.  Read the book of Amos!  Even though all of the Old Testament prophets except Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi, were sent by God for one purpose: to wake the people up to a pending annihilating war, still the cry was wrung out of Isaiah:  “Who has believed our report?” (Isaiah 53:1.)  The pointed answer being:  “No one.”

Do not be one of them!  Be one that has opened his eyes!  Then, act!


To Thee our God we fly
For mercy and for grace;
Oh, hear our lonely cry,
And hide not Thou Thy face.
O Lord, stretch forth Thy mighty hand,
And guard and bless our Fatherland!

Arise, O Lord of hosts,
Be jealous for Thy name,
And drive from out our coasts
The sins that put to shame:
O Lord, stretch forth Thy mighty hand,
And guard and bless our Fatherland!

Thy best gifts from on high
In rich abundance pour,
That we may magnify
And praise Thee more and more:
O Lord, stretch forth Thy mighty hand,
And guard and bless our Fatherland!

The powers ordained by Thee
With heavenly wisdom bless;
May they Thy servants be,
And rule in righteousness:
O Lord, stretch forth Thy mighty hand,
And guard and bless our Fatherland!

The Church of Thy dear Son
Inflame with love’s pure fire;
Bind her once more in one,
And life and truth inspire:
O Lord, stretch forth Thy mighty hand,
And guard and bless our Fatherland!

William Walsham How  (1823-1897).