The Purpose of this Site.

The purpose of this site will be plain and simple.

It will be to serve you in two ways.

The first one will be the most important of all.  It will be to serve you, the sinner, so that you will get to heaven.

The second one will be to secure our country in these divisive times by helping our citizens with spiritual knowledge.

Once again our land is in trouble.

Yet again our house is divided.

My Intent, Motive, and Purpose.

My intent is to help.

To be sure, while man’s sinful flesh ever would enslave other men in their thoughts, speech, and acts, that is, would tell them what to do, my motive merely is to point out to you the obvious, to reassure you of it, and to encourage you to act biblically in this great test which God has brought upon America.

My purpose is to reassure my audience with divine certainty throughout the present crisis.

The purpose of the articles presented on this website is to prepare and to strengthen the American Lutheran layman spiritually for these coming evil days.

In brief, then, this website will point out –

1.        What God has declared America’s problem to be;

2.       What biblical solution America could and should apply; and

3.       What God will do to America since it stubbornly has refused to apply this biblical solution.

My Background

I am a Lutheran:  born in a Lutheran hospital, baptized, and raised in a Lutheran church and school in that rivertown named after the great apostle who was most famous for his teaching of justification obtained through faith in God’s gospel promise.

I am a layman now who once had the privilege to serve other laymen in that church service known as the ministry.

I am an American. I was born on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi.

I was planted here, in the land of sky blue waters, by my forefathers who come over in one of the great waves of immigration from northern Europe in the late 1800’s.  In point of time I appeared during the closing years of the great golden age of Christianity in America.  My name is Gene Urtel at [email protected]