A Prayer for Government

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Dear true and triune God:

According to your command (Ezekiel 22:30-31) and according to your promise (Psalm 10:17), I confess the grievous sins of my country.  I plead with you that they may be forgiven, and pray for the peace of this land from its deserving punishment by war.

Bring many in this country, including our relatives, to repentance after they would see how awful it would be to live in a heathen gospel-rejecting society!

Make them realize that you are angry with them over their unbelief, and that their misery is due not only to their own selfish sins of unbelief, but also to your own personal punishment of them!

Move our government to do only your holy will and to protect our God-given constitutional liberties, not to infringe on them!  If our government would not do so, then we could be assured that you will be using one evil – government, to punish another evil – the citizens.

Preserve our life, home, and possessions from all harm!  Remind us and move us to use these things to make it to heaven!

Keep your elect Christians from harm and from death in these perilous times!  Remind them that these times are a test on their faith!  Keep them strong!