A Prayer for a Day of Fasting


Dear true and triune God:

Bless our fast!  We make this sacrifice of food and of fine drink to you.  Accept our sacrifice of love to you!  By your power help us to keep our attention off of food and on repentance and on faith instead!  For example, direct us to your commandments, and to how our lust for people’s attention and praise and for the goods of this world actually attack our faith, and will tear it down if we would not counter these lusts with a mighty will and effort furnished only by the gospel assurances that uplift our minds with gladdening salvation!  Make us to see your strict demand to retain for our souls’ welfare your biblical teachings, and to practice them!  Hold up to our eyes your command to spread the gospel!  Also, recall to our attention our constant duty to stand between our country and your anger; that when we would confess our national sins and ask for your forgiveness of them, you will not punish our country, but will let it have peace from your anger instead!  Help us to do these things for the sake of your glorious gracious name! Amen!